Monday, April 15, 2013

The Characters of MLP: FiM (Fluttershy)

(Art By Celebi-Yoshi)

Today I'm going to talk about Fluttershy, my 2nd favorite character on the show and the Element of Kindness. Fluttershy on the show is a...well...shy Pegasus pony. She lives outside of Ponyville and has the ability to talk to animals. She can fly, but ironically she is afraid of heights. She is also one of the kindest out of the cast, even when she didn't know she was the bearer of the Element of Kindness. Being shy and passive, Fluttershy is the most vulnerable character out of the cast. If somepony were to pick on Fluttershy, one of her friends will jump in to protect her. Her longest known friend is Rainbow Dash.

Like Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy isn't always shy, much how Pinkie isn't always happy. When push comes to shove (her friends being in danger for example) Fluttershy will drop her shyness in jump into action. Most times she uses her other special gift: The Stare.

(Owned by Hasbro)
Fluttershy can stare into (almost) any living creature and scare the subject so bad, they can't move. Then their are times when she gets pushed beyond this part. She can get ANGRY. God help you if you make Fluttershy angry. 

(Owned by Hasbro)
*shudder* Seriously, don't enrage Fluttershy.

Fluttershy to me and the fans

Let's just say this, If someone talks about Fluttershy badly, I get mad. This mindset goes for some fans as well. Want to see Brony rage in action? Go to any forum, chat room, or social network with a lot of bronies in it. Talk smack about Fluttershy. What should happen is everyone and their mother will flame your comment to high heaven! You will get death threats out the anus! So don't do that if you value your internet life.


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