Monday, April 29, 2013

"It's just girl show", They Said

(Artist: Unknown) 

Whenever a conversation comes up about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (by my volition or my friends and colleagues) their is always a naysayer. That one person who has to chime in "It's just a girl show. What's the big deal?" or my favorite, "Grown men watching a show for little girls. That's wrong!". Well I've got a question for you people. Why do you watch your favorite show? May it be Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, or some other show, why do you watch it? Is it the characters and their development that makes you stick around? The plot and story arcs? How about the music or the style of the show? Do you have that reason in your head? Well congratz, you are a "brony" of your favorite show. Just replace "MLP:FiM" with your favorite show and you'll be in our mindset.

To the people who say we're freaks for watching MLP:FiM, you now the same stuff happens in other fandoms as well right? Their are people who fantasize about being in Equestria as well as people who want to live in Hyrule (Legend of Zelda) or many other fictional worlds. Their are pony fanfics of varying topics , Safe and Not Safe For Work, all over the internet, as well as fanfics from other fandoms. Yes, even that preschool show you had in your head has a fanfic or hundred. Pony fanart gushes from the seams of the internet, as well as other fan works' fanart. 

Bronies are just like any other fan community member. Every fan community has it's share of undesirable people in it's community. If you say one Brony is a freak, you are telling everyone else in the world they are freaks for loving their fandom. Just think about it.

(Artist: Unknown)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Characters of MLP:FiM (Rainbow Dash)

Today, I'm going to talk about one of the most famous characters on the show. The pegasus who bucked a dragon in the nose and made it flinch. Able to clear a sky of clouds in under ten seconds A pegasus who is willing to throw away her dreams for the sake of her friends. The only pegasus who has broken the sound barrier at the same time a beautiful rainbow, all while keeping it awesome. The one and only Element of Loyalty herself Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is by far one of the most epic characters on this show. She bucked a dragon in the snout and lived for goodness sake! She also performed a feat called the Sonic Rainboom. It's essentially a sonic boom, but when it booms, it creates a rainbow explosion.

Who is Rainbow Dash as a character though? Dash is an hot-blooded, dutiful pegasus who has a dream of joining what is the equivalent to the air force in Equestria, the Wonderbolts. She is the most loyal member of the main characters. If her friends are in danger she drops everything, even her dreams, and goes to rescue them. She also speaks her mind a lot on the show. 

Due to her skills, she has a fan base in Ponyville. Sometimes this fame will go to her head and will act arrogant and boast. When she is not doing her job or some sort of arial trick, she will lounge around.

Rainbow Dash to Me

I love Rainbow Dash to pieces. I love how she is a hot-blooded pegasus who speaks her mind and does so many acts of awesome on a show who's primary demographic is little girls. It really gives them a great role model to look up to. A character who is willing to put her life on the line for her friends. What more can you ask for?   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The Boy Who Became a Brony"

          Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in New England. He of course was no ordinary boy. Everyone around him thought  he was crazy and did not want to get to know him, at all. He would shout, dance, pretend fight, talk to himself, and would not stop talking about certain things. Those who actually braved such elements found the boy was just eccentric and perfectly sane (expect for the whole talking to himself thing, he needs to work on that still). Due to his antics though, he did not have many friends.
          What were these certain things you may ask. Boy shows and video games.
 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Owned by Saban)
 G Gundam (Owned by Sunrise)
Yoshi's Story (Owned by Nintendo)

He grew up with many of these things and other stuff like it. When he saw stuff like this...
(Owned by Hasbro)
...he would laugh about how girly such a show was. Talking multicolored equines? Ha! They didn't shoot lasers or have epic showdowns with their enemies. All they did was sit around and have tea parties, go shopping, and do their hair!  "That's not manly!", said the boy, "Punching your foe in the face with the power of friendship? Now that's manly!"
    Many years past, the boy was in college. He was still into the shows and games he loved, but now he was deeply into Magic: the Gathering...
(Owned by Wizards of the Coast)
  Then one day, he ment a man. He talked to the boy a lot, but the man talked about something strange. Something that went against all the boy believed. This man liked talking magical equines. Specifically My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. At first the boy was completely against the idea of talking to the man, but the man wouldn't stop talking. Soon the boy just listened to what the man said day after day.
     After months of listening to the man, the boy decided to watch the first episode of the show, just one. The boy thought he was going to make fun of the show, but found the episode was good. Great even! He then watch another episode, then another, and then another! Soon he found himself two seasons deep in episodes and he loved every minute of it! He loved how the ponies fought villains while using the power of friendship! The art was cute, but not diabetes inducing! The voice acting and the writing was terrific!  The boy had changed into a fan of this show! He stated to read fan fics, looked at fan art, and discussed the ideas the show brought up with other fans!
   Then he made a blog called "Gates to Bronydom"...
(Video by JHaller)

...The End


Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Opinion on "Double Rainboom"

Before I even talk about my opinion, what is Double Rainboom? Double Rainboom by a group called Flamingo Rich lead by Zach Rich. Him and his team created the first ever fan made-non-profit episode of MLP:FiM. Before you continue reading this you should watch it first. Trust me.

What did I think of it?

For fan animation, it's amazing.  The actual animation was spectacular. The movement of the characters bodies and mouths was almost on par with the show. The voice acting was also great. The voice actors did a good job of sounding like the original voice actors on the show.  The jokes on the other hand were hit or miss though. Sometimes the jokes made me laugh, but other times I rolled my eyes. I'm not going to spoil anything, but the twist in the episode blew me away. Did not see THAT coming at all.

Now as a an "episode of MLP:FiM", I would say it was...okay. While I was watching this I felt very uncomfortable. This may be because Flamingo Rich called this a "fan made Episode of the show". This in turn caused me expect the animation, voice acting, and everything else to be like MLP:FiM. It's not. 

It's an impressive fan animation, but a sub-par episode.

If you would like to know more about Double Rainboom and the staff of Flamingo Rich, vist their site here.


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Characters of MLP: FiM (Fluttershy)

(Art By Celebi-Yoshi)

Today I'm going to talk about Fluttershy, my 2nd favorite character on the show and the Element of Kindness. Fluttershy on the show is a...well...shy Pegasus pony. She lives outside of Ponyville and has the ability to talk to animals. She can fly, but ironically she is afraid of heights. She is also one of the kindest out of the cast, even when she didn't know she was the bearer of the Element of Kindness. Being shy and passive, Fluttershy is the most vulnerable character out of the cast. If somepony were to pick on Fluttershy, one of her friends will jump in to protect her. Her longest known friend is Rainbow Dash.

Like Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy isn't always shy, much how Pinkie isn't always happy. When push comes to shove (her friends being in danger for example) Fluttershy will drop her shyness in jump into action. Most times she uses her other special gift: The Stare.

(Owned by Hasbro)
Fluttershy can stare into (almost) any living creature and scare the subject so bad, they can't move. Then their are times when she gets pushed beyond this part. She can get ANGRY. God help you if you make Fluttershy angry. 

(Owned by Hasbro)
*shudder* Seriously, don't enrage Fluttershy.

Fluttershy to me and the fans

Let's just say this, If someone talks about Fluttershy badly, I get mad. This mindset goes for some fans as well. Want to see Brony rage in action? Go to any forum, chat room, or social network with a lot of bronies in it. Talk smack about Fluttershy. What should happen is everyone and their mother will flame your comment to high heaven! You will get death threats out the anus! So don't do that if you value your internet life.


Friday, April 5, 2013

The Results Are In !

(Artist Unknown)

So after a week of trying the pony hypnosis, I have come back with results: It kinda works.

In More Detail

The first thing I did was pick a hypnosis track. I picked the Fluttershy. Why? I have always wanted to be a pegasus, flying free, and doing whatever I want. Also she is my second favorite character on the show next to Pinkie Pie. I've always wanted to know what it was like to be her. To be shy and reserved.
(Vector by StunnerMan)
After I downloaded the track, I put it on my Ipod, got comfortable on my bed, and pressed the play button. I've got to say, it worked a little bit. I actually felt like my arms were turning into hooves! Everything else was hit or miss. I did feel like I had wings for a bit, but then the feeling faded away. The hair and snout were impossible to imagine for me, that goes along with gaining hind legs. Yet when the track was done, I did feel like a pony, but only for a brief few seconds. I giggled myself out of it every time. I don't know if it's out of embarrassment or giddiness though.

I'm absolutely going to download more tracks and you should too! I think I'll try the Pinkie Pie track next...