Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The Boy Who Became a Brony"

          Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in New England. He of course was no ordinary boy. Everyone around him thought  he was crazy and did not want to get to know him, at all. He would shout, dance, pretend fight, talk to himself, and would not stop talking about certain things. Those who actually braved such elements found the boy was just eccentric and perfectly sane (expect for the whole talking to himself thing, he needs to work on that still). Due to his antics though, he did not have many friends.
          What were these certain things you may ask. Boy shows and video games.
 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Owned by Saban)
 G Gundam (Owned by Sunrise)
Yoshi's Story (Owned by Nintendo)

He grew up with many of these things and other stuff like it. When he saw stuff like this...
(Owned by Hasbro)
...he would laugh about how girly such a show was. Talking multicolored equines? Ha! They didn't shoot lasers or have epic showdowns with their enemies. All they did was sit around and have tea parties, go shopping, and do their hair!  "That's not manly!", said the boy, "Punching your foe in the face with the power of friendship? Now that's manly!"
    Many years past, the boy was in college. He was still into the shows and games he loved, but now he was deeply into Magic: the Gathering...
(Owned by Wizards of the Coast)
  Then one day, he ment a man. He talked to the boy a lot, but the man talked about something strange. Something that went against all the boy believed. This man liked talking magical equines. Specifically My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. At first the boy was completely against the idea of talking to the man, but the man wouldn't stop talking. Soon the boy just listened to what the man said day after day.
     After months of listening to the man, the boy decided to watch the first episode of the show, just one. The boy thought he was going to make fun of the show, but found the episode was good. Great even! He then watch another episode, then another, and then another! Soon he found himself two seasons deep in episodes and he loved every minute of it! He loved how the ponies fought villains while using the power of friendship! The art was cute, but not diabetes inducing! The voice acting and the writing was terrific!  The boy had changed into a fan of this show! He stated to read fan fics, looked at fan art, and discussed the ideas the show brought up with other fans!
   Then he made a blog called "Gates to Bronydom"...
(Video by JHaller)

...The End


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