Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pony Hypnosis

So their I was again, shuffling through the usual sites I go through, then I stop on Equestria Daily and click the Nightly Roundup. The Nightly Roundup is kinda like a late night newspaper of sorts. It normally talks about ponies appearing in other media, cakes, and other pony videos. One such pony video caught my attention. It's title...Pony Hypnosis Trick. Here's the video...
I have not even tried it yet and I already got butterflies in my stomach! I have always wanted to be a pony in Equestria for a while, well, alittle after I started watching the show. Yeah, I lose my opposable thumbs and fingers, but I don't care! I find Equestria to be a more fascinating world than the one I live in.I could say that about any other fictional world for that matter (I'm looking at you Tales of Symphonia).

I've been hypnotized before, twice actually, and both were from a real life hypnotist. The first time was amazing. I actually felt like I was at the places he was describing and I didn't feel weird doing the actions he told me to do. The second time on the other hand, I didn't like it. I could not get into it. Shame really.

Over the course of my coming nights, I will be listening to one of these tracks and try to get hypnotized.  On my next blog post I will tell you the results and what I experienced. If you would like to join me, here's a link. GET HYPNOTIZED!  

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