Sunday, May 5, 2013

Characters of MLP:FiM (Rarity)

(Created by DShou)

Who is Rarity? Rarity is a unicorn, who represents the Element of Generosity. She sells and creates dresses at her store called the Carousal Boutique. She has a younger sister named Sweetie Belle who still does not have her cutie mark. As the episodes progress, her store slowly gets more and more popular.


Rarity is the most overdramatic pony on the show. Rarity puts a lot of emotion in her voice and her movement.

She also has very high standards for herself. This does not mean she thinks she is better than her friends, she just doesn't do things that would ruin her image, like laying in the grass for instance. She tries to help her friends' images as well from time to time. She also does not like to get dirty. 

Rarity to me

As you can tell, I'm not the biggest fan of Rarity, but I do like her. I love it when she hams up her acting in some episodes. 

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  1. Sometimes, I wish I understood the attraction of this kind of show.