Monday, February 4, 2013

What is a Brony Exactly?

A Brony is a fan of My Little Pony. Anyone you know can potentially be or already is a Brony. They can be any age or race. It's really no different than being a fan of anything else really. Well, except for, y'know, the media's focus on us. Also because of all the fan material we make all the time. Bronies have have made more fan material than any other fan group, combined.
  What do Bronies create exactly? Well, for one, they make absolutely gorgeous and varying fanart.
(Created by Equestria-Prevails)

(Created by ~cmaggot)

(Created by Mousu)

Bronies also create wonderful original music and remixes of existing songs on the show.
(Created by MandoPony and AcousticBrony)

(Created by Eurobeat Brony)

Bronies have also been writing a plethora of fanfics. Some fanfics I have read actual change my view on the character or the world of My Little Pony itself. Of course their are the, less than safe for work stories. We're not perfect. Along with stories, Bronies create blogs, like me! Some blogs are like mine, or are character blogs. My personal favorite is "Ask Hotblooded Pinkie Pie". It's Pinkie Pie, if she was combined with every badass character in existence, and it is AWESOME.
    In the end, we're just like any other human being, we just like a show that "men" don't normally watch. Tune in next week for more posts!

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